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Professional and Personal Service

An IRS tax audit (examination) can be an emotional experience filled with confusion, stress, and anxiety.  Ross knows, he was an IRS Revenue Agent (auditor) for more than 20 years.

Having retired from the IRS, Ross is now an Enrolled Agent.  He specializes in representing taxpayers in IRS audits, and provides consulting services on all related matters.

Ross worked as an IRS Revenue Agent conducting audits and now, is an Enrolled Agent representing taxpayers being audited.  He has both the knowledge, and the experience, needed to represent  you in an IRS tax audit.

Ross' knowledge, experience, and expertise includes:

  • Individual's and Business' federal tax matters
  • Federal Income, Employment, and Excise Taxes
  • The IRS audit process
  • What the IRS auditor is looking for
  • Identifying and analyzing relevant facts
  • Applying the federal tax law properly
  • Effectively presenting and arguing your case before the IRS
  • IRS Appeals Office Protest and procedures
  • Protecting your taxpayer rights

Ross will help you:

  • Understand and comply with your tax audit responsibilities
  • Receive fair treatment from the IRS
  • Insure your federal tax liability is correct

Ross will meet with you in the privacy of your home or office

Day or Night...7 days a week

NO charge or fee for initial consultation/assessment meeting